CNG Reducer -JM20 (Normal 24)

CNG Reducer -JM20 (Normal 24) They have a different type of manufacturing and they can be used in compact spaces of the engine. The pressure of methane gas at the regulator input is 200 Bar, and this is done in three stages: two   stages are for pressure regulation and a third one for flow control of volume, providing vehicle with stability elither   in  high or in low revolutions.
Technical Specifications:
Automotive (injection-carburator)

Up to 3000 cm3 - 120 HP

Type of Reducer :
3 Stages with electronic starting device

Measures :
diameter 150mm. - height 100 mm.

By water of the engine cooling system

Testing Pressure:
300 bar

Working Pressure: 200bar

Regulation pressure 1st Stage:
3.5-4.5 bar

Regulation pressure 2nd Stage:
1.2-1.5 bar

by an electrinically-operated electr valve

Supply Volatge:
12V cc.

Input connection:
M 12x1

Output connection:
pipe @19.

screw MBX1.25.

Manometer Connection:
1/4 x 19 BSP


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