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AGP is a well reputed exporter and manufacturer of automobile parts, incorporated in 1995. We also manufacture alternative fuel systems and components. AGP is involved in installation of LPG and CNG conversions; we provide this service for all typed of vehicles. Here we provide you best and finest quality products and services to our customers. We ensure our user that our CNG and LPG installations are done with proper finishing. Our installations are safe. We have our primary focus on the quality of production and the procedures used, thus our motives and objectives and clear and accurate. We perform our procedures according to the need of the client as well. Other facilities are also available as repair, fleet operators and future maintenance.

Manufacturing and Trading for CNG/LPG kits and Electronic components for CNG/LPG and other related apparatuses.

Development and distribution of automobile parts and CNG/LPG kits to several countries approximately 48 countries worldwide.

We use engineering practices to meet and exceed the standards defined by automobile industry, with facilities to provide finest quality and, our works are also appropriate as per the market.

AGP is selected by mostly users; they opt for us rather than others in the market because of our facilities and user friendly services. We are working with great devotion and passion to meet customer’s need and provide them excellent and best features. We perform our procedures with aim to meet the highest standards of conduct with responsibility. We not only provide services, but throughout the interaction we maintain proper relationships with the communities.

Spread across Chile, Indonesia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, South Africa, Dubai, Venezuela, Pakistan, Argentina North, South America, Western and Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia Middle East Asia and Africa. All through these years we have been successfully able to cater to the needs of all kinds of international market.

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